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An Exceptional Experience

What sets our office apart?

Our patients say it for us:

"Amazing customer service…the level of professionalism is outstanding…every facet of my treatment plan was explained to me so that I understood exactly what the outcome would be…Dr. Duncan is so accommodating and always puts me at ease…staff are knowledgeable and friendly…there is always someone to greet me with a smile…the level of skill, professionalism and customer service is unparalleled…the clinic is beautiful…Dr. Duncan and his team are like family…I would recommend anyone who is considering orthodontic treatment to see Dr. Duncan..."

... Certified orthodontic specialists

Orthodontics is a specialized form of dentistry focusing on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. The most qualified person to perform orthodontics is a certified orthodontist. This is a specialist with two to three years of additional fulltime university training exclusively in orthodontics beyond that of your general dentist. Only dentists with this advanced specialty education can present themselves as orthodontists.

Dr. Duncan is a certified specialist in orthodontics. Our clinic team members are certified orthodontic assistants with specialized training and expertise beyond that of general dental assistants. 

... Exceptional professionalism

  • We tailor our orthodontic expertise to the needs and wishes of each patient to create a customized treatment plan exclusive to them.
  • We ensure that all aspects of treatment are well explained and well understood. Patients appreciate how Dr. Duncan and his team explain treatment in a way that is comprehensive and easily understandable.
  • We encourage patients to be involved in their treatment, to consider options available to them and to ask questions whenever they like.
  • We create beautiful smiles that look and function optimally; our delighted patients are our best advocates!

... Undivided personal attention

  • Our patients are our first priority. Always.
  • We take pride in being approachable and knowledgeable. We are constantly complimented on how well informed, well cared for and well supported patients feel at every appointment and how comfortable and confident this makes them.
  • We are welcoming and friendly. We take the time to get to know patients and their families.
  • Excellent communication and interaction among team members within our office and with other dental offices makes each appointment run smoothly and on time. We know what needs to happen before it happens.
  • We value and respect our patients’ time. It shows in our flexible scheduling system and our commitment to on-time appointments.
  • Our office atmosphere is welcoming, comfortable, visually appealing and relaxing.
  • We make orthodontic treatment accessible and affordable, and a pleasurable experience for our patients and their families.

... Extra conveniences exclusive to our practice

  • A 75-minute Complimentary New Patient Evaluation at no charge. Orthodontic records and treatment information are completed at one appointment, instead of spread over several appointments.
  • Easy to use, secure 24/7 online accessibility to appointment and account information, troubleshooting information, photos and xrays related to treatment and more.
  • Flexible payment options including monthly payments.
  • Lower fees for multiple family members. 
  • Appointment reminders by text, email, phone..whatever works best for you.

Click HERE to schedule a Complimentary New Patient Evaluation