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Meet Dr. Duncan

Dr. Duncan

Peter G. Duncan, DDS, MCLD

Ever since I became an orthodontist, I've been passionate about helping patients understand how we can help them achieve their orthodontic goals; why their particular situation exists in the first place, what can be done about it, and what treatment options are available to them. My job, as I see it, is to make a patient aware of their options and assist them in making an informed decision about how they wish to handle their care. I am excited to have the privilege of being involved in transforming people’s lives through the creation of a beautiful smile and a functional bite.

Each patient I meet is different in terms of wants, needs, and expectations. I work very hard to match what our patients are looking for to our orthodontic capabilities. In the past 25+ years I’ve met some great people and had a very positive impact in their lives, giving them something they can be proud of and show off every day: their smile.

Education and Continuing Education

University of Western Ontario – London, ON

  • Bachelor of Science, Physiology 1983
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery 1987
  • Master of Clinical Dentistry, Orthodontics 1993

As the saying goes, the only constant is change. It’s important for me and my staff to challenge ourselves to do better on behalf of the patients who seek our care. It’s what we expect of anyone caring for us!

A high priority for us is to stay current with ongoing changes and improvements in patient care. We are not providing our orthodontic services the same way we did years ago; we continue to evolve and adopt new methods and technologies as they become proven and effective. This improves the quality and efficiency of our orthodontic services to our patients.

As a member of the Vancouver Island Orthodontists Seminars, I meet regularly with my peers to exchange ideas for providing better care to our patients. We attend continuing education conferences of internationally recognized educators in the field of orthodontics and regularly participate in online distance learning opportunities across the globe.

Professional Affiliations

My Team

I am very fortunate to work with the great people that I do; without them, I couldn’t provide the exceptional calibre of patient care and experience that we're known for and pride ourselves on. This great team did not assemble by accident but by careful selection and training over time. Each member of my team is talented, capable and fully subscribed to our patient care philosophy. As unique individuals and as a team, we have the ability to connect with a wide range of people. We conscientiously make the time to build relationships with our patients to not only give them an exceptional orthodontic experience, but an exceptional personal experience as well.

Commitment to Community

I have always believed in giving back to my community on both a volunteer level and financial level. My involvement has changed as my children have grown. I have been involved with numerous sports teams, the Scouting movement, school parent groups and aid organizations locally and abroad. Currently, my orthodontic practice sponsors Little Leauge baseball, we volunteer at Our Place, provide oral hygiene items to needy organizations locally and abroad, offer opportunites for introducing and mentoring students to orthodontics, contribute to charitable events and organizations, and lend financial support to the myriad of activities and causes in which our patients are involved.

Family Life

Barbara and I have been married for over 30 years and have two adult sons: Harrison and Myles. Our only 'girls' have been a succession of Labrador Retrievers...until we recently welcomed a lovely daughter-in-law into our family. When I'm not working, I enjoy time with my family, traveling and snowboarding. I also enjoy photography and staying as physically fit as possible to keep up with my sons!

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