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Partners in Education

Helping our patients help their schools…every day

“We continue to be truly inspired by the support and enthusiasm Partners in Education receives across the board. Heartfelt thanks to our patients, parents and schools like yours for giving our orthodontic team this opportunity to help our patients make a difference in the day-to-day education of school kids in Greater Victoria.“  - Dr. Duncan and team

In the Spring of 2011, increasing budgetary constraints in local schools prompted our orthodontic practice to consolidate some of our community support and directly invest in the education of school children in the Greater Victoria area. We launched our Partners in Education program, through which we pledged to make a donation to the school of every new patient who began orthodontic treatment with us from April 1, 2011 onwards. In a nutshell, it’s our way of helping our school-aged patients help their schools.

So far, school children from over 60 Greater Victoria schools have joined our orthodontic practice since April 2011. Through Partners in Education we’ve had the opportunity to donate $23,000 to local schools on our patients’ behalf.

How Partners in Education makes a difference

“I imagine that the true measure of an orthodontist’s success is not in fees collected, but rather in the smiles achieved. Take pride in that your gift will bring smiles, laughter and inspiration to the children who benefit from our programs.” - Roxanne Kelly, for Science Venture Boys Club, University of Victoria

Some wonderful stories have been shared by schools about how Partners in Education donations have helped their students. Examples include enhancing technology with Smartboards and digital projectors, upgrading playground equipment, enriching learning through special presentations and hands-on experiences, supporting Student Activity funds and providing student bursaries and scholarships. Whichever way schools choose to use our donation, our orthodontic team is happy to give our patients the opportunity to help their schools!

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