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Partnership Agreement

Successful orthodontic treatment is a team effort. Excellent treatment results are attained with cooperative, informed, committed patients and parents working together with Dr. Duncan and his orthodontic team.

Your job throughout your treatment is to keep your teeth and gums in top notch condition, and to carefully and conscientiously follow all instructions for wearing and taking care of your appliances. Our job is to give you a gorgeous smile that you’re proud of, and to support you every step of the way in achieving that smile!

Before orthodontic treatment begins, our patients sign a detailed consent form that outlines their commitment to their treatment. Here are some highlights of that commitment:

Oral Hygiene

  • I will clean my teeth and gums properly each day, especially after eating meals or snacks and at bedtime. I will visit my dentist at least every 6 months, or as directed by Dr. Duncan, for a professional cleaning and examination. I will limit my intake of food and drinks that are high in sugar, like pop and candy.

Wearing Appliances

  • I will wear my elastics and all other removable appliances as instructed by Dr. Duncan.

Care of Appliances

  • I will not eat hard, sticky or chewy foods, bite on ice, pens, pencils, fingernails or involve myself in activities which could damage my appliances or delay my treatment completion. I understand that each loosened bracket, band or broken wire can add a month to my total treatment time.


  • I will do everything possible to keep all scheduled appointments and arrive on time for my appointments. I will call well in advance if I must change an appointment, and I understand that rescheduling on short notice may take weeks and will extend my treatment time if I change appointments often. I will always call as soon as I have something broken or loose. I will make my longer appointments during school or work hours.


  • I understand the importance of retainers to keep my teeth straight in their new position and fitting together properly. I will wear them as directed by Dr. Duncan and his team. I take responsibility for extra fees incurred to repair or replace my retainers if I break them or lose them.

Overall Commitment

  • Dr. Duncan has an exceptional reputation for creating beautiful, healthy smiles. I agree to be a cooperative and willing partner with Dr. Duncan and his specially trained team, to follow these instructions and accomplish the best results for me. Should I have difficulty with any of the instructions, I will discuss them promptly and honestly with Dr. Duncan and his team.

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