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Smile Sooner

Your new smile sooner… much sooner!

Imagine. The orthodontic result you've always wanted…in nearly half the time. It's safe, it's gentle and it's been clinically proven worldwide since 2009.

Dr. Duncan is among the first orthodontists on Vancouver Island to adopt revolutionary medical technology that safely accelerates orthodontic tooth movement by stimulating and accelerating the underlying bone remodelling process. Teeth move to their desired position up to 50% faster than they normally would, shortening treatment time by up to half that typically required by conventional treatment.

AcceleDent Optima

It's convenient

Patients use a lightweight, hands free device called AcceleDent Optima 20 minutes each day as a complement to their orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or traditional braces. It generates small, precisely calibrated micropulses (about 8 times less than you feel with a sonic care toothbrush) that gently accelerates the movement of your teeth. Using the device is easily incorporated into daily activities at home or on the go: reading, watching television, using a computer or tablet… The device shuts off automatically after 20 minutes, ready to return to its charger until the next day.

It's comfortable

With patented SoftPulse technology, vibrations are gentle and comfortable. In fact, both orthodontists and patients have reported that AcceleDent reduces discomfort associated with tooth movement from braces.

It's reliable and effective

The science of accelerated orthodontics made possible with micropulse technology is available exclusively to certified orthodontic specialists like Dr. Duncan. It is applicable to children, teens and adults and has benefited thousands of orthodontic patients around the world since 2009.

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